Click2Pay – An Alternative Payment Option

If you are looking for a new payment method to fund your online casino today then you should consider taking a look at an international option such as Click2Pay.

Click2Pay is a user-friendly payment community that offers free, simple and fast online monetary transfers. The company is relatively new, but has done very well for itself since it has been in operation and is becoming very popular due to its ease in signing up and its wide acceptance across the Internet. The transactions are highly secure, keeping all personal information, including bank account transfers, stored on dedicated servers.

It is very easy to join fun games fruit mania youtube slot machine or fruit machine stock photo$100 bonus Click2Pay – simply visit the website and complete the sign up form to provide your personal details and create an account. Your personal information is totally safe and secure through the use of SSL secure browser connectivity, industry-standard RSA encryption and state-of-the-art computer systems with restricted access in a monitored environment.

A great incentive to deposit using Click2Pay as your payment method is that it does not require funding of your account in advance. Click2Pay offers instant funding capabilities with your credit card or bank account. Simply visit the Cashier of your favourite casino and choose Click2Pay as your preferred payment method. Then enter the amount, your AccountID and your PAN (personal account number). Click2Pay will withdraw the funds from your preferred banking or credit card account directly, and will then transfer the money straight into your online casino account.

All transactions can be securely viewed and managed from your account on their website, and can be processed in several currencies such as pounds, euros and dollars.

Withdrawing from a Click2Pay account is also simple and straightforward. A great withdrawal option is the Click2Pay Debit Card. You can withdraw funds to your card and then access them instantly at any ATM on the Cirrus/Maestro network worldwide! The benefits of the Debit Card are that you can access funds in your local currency and there are no delays waiting for checks to arrive and clear. This is a fantastic feature for casino players worldwide to get your funds quickly and without fuss!

Customer support is also very important and it’s reassuring to know that if you ever have a problem with your account that you can get immediate assistance. Click2Pay customer support is very good and available 24/7 on International and Toll-Free US Phone Numbers, as well as a dedicated support email address.

With its worldwide acceptance, secure transactions, ease of use and ability to access your funds instantly, Click2Pay is an excellent option as an alternative payment method to fund your online casino account today!

Dispelling Online Blackjack Myths – Episode 1

If you play Blackjack long enough, you’ll hear a lot of statements that may sound like wisdom but, the truth is, they are often just myths and couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, we’ll quickly look at some of the more common online blackjack myths and, hopefully, dispel them but showing you the logic explaining why they are incorrect and why they’ll cost you money in the long run.

Myth: You should always split picture cards and Tens against a dealer 5 or 6. You maximize your profits this way as a 5 or 6 is a very bad card for the dealer and will probably make him bust.

Like most myths, there is an element of good logic on Casino Tropez which the myth is based. If the dealer has 5 or 6, it is a bad card and there is a likely chance the dealer will bust. However, you should never split picture cards and Tens against the dealer as you are splitting up a very strong hand (20) and creating two hands with only potential – potential to make two good hands, potential to make one good hand and one bad hand, and potential to make two bad hands.

It’s the latter two of these possibilities that makes splitting picture cards and Tens a bad move. The value you gain from the possibility that you’ll create two good hands by splitting is not worth the value you lose due to the possibility that you create a good and a bad hand or, even worse, two bad hands.

Jonny’s Online Blackjack Rule 1: Never split 20, which is a good hand, just to have the chance of making two good hands. The risk that you’ll get two bad hands or a good hand and a bad hand, is not worth the possible gains.

Myth: Always take Even Money when you have Blackjack and the dealer has an Ace. Don’t get greedy – it’s better to lock up a win than risk the dealer getting Blackjack and you get nothing. You should try and win every hand in Blackjack and Even Money is a win!
Greed is rarely an admirable trait – however, if you are going to be a serious gambler, you need to be greedy! The aim of all gambling is to maximize your winnings and minimize your losses, not to win every hand of Blackjack. The greatest Blackjack players in the world often lose more hands than they win – but they maximize their winnings on the hands they do win.

It is always a bad idea to take Even Money when you have Blackjack and the dealer has an Ace. Sure, it may seem like good insurance to accept Even Money, but in reality, this insurance is too expensive and not worth the risk.

Jonny’s Online Blackjack Rule 2: Never accept Even Money with Blackjack. There will be times when the dealer gets Blackjack and your hand is a push, but over the long run, you’ll make more money by not accepting the Even Money offer.

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